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Haley’s Holiday Lookbook

It’s officially the holidays. It’s currently 19 degrees in Minneapolis, but I’ll be heading back to LA on Wednesday where it should be about 70 degrees.

When it came to this fall semester, my viewpoint resembled something like this: Summer was magnificent, but now it’s over and that’s okay. This means I get at least a couple weeks to relax, let my swag take a nap, eat some cream cheese wontons, and focus on ridiculous classes that hyper focus on Excel IF statements. Then I became addicted to cream cheese wontons.

More importantly, before I could even look at the calendar, it was time for a Thanksgiving make-over, or at least a Thanksgiving make-sure-everything’s-in-order.

Going home for the holidays is an important event. We can minimize this time of year or we can blow it up to stressful proportions, but at the end of the day, a large part of who we are and how we are interpreted is based on how we choose to present ourselves.  Every step you take, every sock you put on, every sweater you pick out, every status you post is a personal choice reflecting who you are choosing to be at this moment. Who do you want to be right now? How do you want to be perceived? Are you going to wear those hot pink ankle socks you bought from CVS that aren’t really comfortable, or those ridiculously cool new animal socks from H&M? The ones that look like a puzzle, so when you put your feet together two halves of a pug’s face combine and your feet are immediately awesome and adorable. And then there’s the lion pair. And the cat pair.

Socks may feel completely irrelevant, but its hard to describe the unique sense of joy that washes over me when I take my shoes off and am shocked to see the most charming pug ever on my feet.


This time of year is also important because it serves as a marking point in our minds. Where were we this time last year? Who were we dating? What were our concerns? Why was I wearing Lululemon on a Black Friday excursion that had nothing to do with the gym?

I want to look back on this Thanksgiving and be particularly proud of what I said, contributed, and wore. Here are just a couple of my favorite holiday looks.

Why not start with grunge? As hard as I try to stray away from it, every once in awhile I end up being grungy. Once or twice a week I leave my apartment but pretend I’m in my own private world where no one important will see my outfit.

On the left we have that grungy outfit that inevitably people are going to see so might as well try to make it as awesome as possible: Vince Camuto boots, Current/Elliott jeans, American Apparel shirt, H&M scarf, 3.1 Phillip Lim Jacket.

First and foremost, I’ve had these Vince Camuto boots for over two years now and I wear them constantly. I get way too many compliments on them, including the girl who chased me down at the mall wanting to know where I got my boots so she could get them for a medieval Halloween costume. Point is, I 100% believe in Vince Camuto shoes, and these boots have proven to be a life-saver because they go with practically everything.

Then we have the cheetah print jeans. I’ve also had these jeans for over two years now and they are unbelievably comfortable. Every once in awhile I’m just like… I really need to be comfortable right now… Don’t want to wear leggings… The most comfortable jeans I own are either tie-dye or cheetah print… It’s winter so I have to go with cheetah print…. And then we end up here. I do think cheetah print can be cute but it’s just such a bold statement, so I have to be very careful with the rest of my outfit. After two years of experimenting I think I may have finally found the right way to wear these jeans. FINALLY.

Last but not least, this army green 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket is roomy and so badass. Sometimes I worry that it’s too big but I think that’s what makes the jacket so much fun. The best part is its versatility. You put it on and you’re just like… Wow… This jacket is so comfortable… I want to be decked in comfort from head to toe… Thus the ensuing grunge look. On the other hand, I might love the jacket most when its layered on top of something preppy like this blouse on the right. But I can’t decide.

You’re probably wondering why I’m holding a random peach colored dress in the beginning of winter, and I’ll tell you why. It may be cold now, but I know some of us will be traveling next month to celebrate winter break! And in my overly ambitious opinion, it’s time to start preparing for that event as well. Consequently, I would like to share with you my new, most coveted secret: Princesspolly.com.au.  This Australian website is straight up ridiculous and I am 500% obsessed. This gorgeous dress is from Princesspolly and one of my lucky sisters will be receiving it as a Christmas gift. The website is very reasonably priced and everything on there is so colorful and fun. I haven’t found anything like this website or line in the U.S., and the length of my Princesspolly wish list is the definition of absurd. I will admit I did cave, and I got my first Princesspolly item in the mail last week.

When I called the cheetah print “bold” I was obviously on a different planet because I’m sure some people would consider this dress a whole different level on the risky scale. But I am so enamored. I’ll be heading to Cabo this winter break and I cannot wait to wear this dress on a warm night.

Now lets get back to the conservative, feminine, put together look.

Still rockin’ the Vince Camuto boots, but this time with a navy American Apparel tennis skirt, a white Zara button down, an A.L.C. blazer, and a Matt & Nat purse.

Let’s start with the tennis skirt because of how much I love skirts. Once again, allow me to reiterate, I love skirts. Why do I live in an ice cold city? These days I would wear a skirt 24/7 if I could. Skirts are just so feminine and pretty. I love this pleated skirt from AA, and I also need it in black. I’ve loved it in navy and I wear it all the time but I could get even more use out of the black version. The pleats are super flattering, and overall this skirt adds the most lovely, innocent touch to an outfit. But you can also make it badass if you want. And that versatility is priceless.  Considering this photo of the skirt doesn’t illustrate it’s shape well, check the American Apparel website for their Tennis Skirt for a full view.

White Zara blouse. What is there to say about it? It’s the best. I want to wear it every day. I would wear it every day if I didn’t have to dry clean it. So now I don’t wear it every day because I don’t want to end up spilling something on it the day before I go back to LA. Point is, this shirt goes with absolutely everything and can give any outfit the dressy touch it desperately needs. I love the blouse buttoned all the way up to the top although I sometimes get confused when I look in the mirror because I look so proper. I love it regardless because I know every time I close one more button I am getting closer to becoming Miranda Kerr.

This A.L.C. blazer is a must have. A black or navy blazer is imperative to holiday fashion success. We all know we can get blazers everywhere, and I love my black H&M blazer as well. But this navy blazer has more structure and feels more official. Sometimes you just want to feel more official than H&M. Sometimes you just have to be better than the GAP ;) Beauty is in the details, and the subtle folds of this blazer make it one of a kind to me.

Then we have the Matt & Nat purse. I’ve had this purse for I don’t even know how many years, and I’m just falling in love with it now. It’s so interesting how that happens. Every day I remind myself to NEVER throw any clothing away. Store it, put it in another room, buy pretty containers, whatever. Almost everything comes back in. Except for, as my roommate Audrey pointed, valor hoodies. Never again.

This purse is stunning and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to notice! I suppose realistically I never got into it because it’s a bit small for my taste. One of those stick your credit card and ID in the tiny zip pocket, throw in your phone and car keys, and you’re 100% out of room. But I think the bag might be worth compromising for.


Pretty soon we’ll be coming to a close, but before we do, we have to talk a little more about skirts. On the left we have a skirt from Topshop, and on the right a Whitley Kros skirt I got in New York over four years ago. Skirts make me so happy. I bought the Topshop skirt only a week or two ago and I love it so much. I’ve only worn it once so far, but I can’t wait to try pairing it with different blouses.

My go-to over the past couple months has been the high-waisted skirt and crop top look. I’ve finally accumulated a reliable collection of black tops that meet the waistline of my skirts without showing too much skin or needing to be tucked in. This has been the goal, and I’m ecstatic. When I wore the Topshop skirt I paired it with a tight black Topshop shirt, but it would probably look very pretty with a conservative button down.

When it comes to the skirt on the right, like the Matt & Nat purse, I hardly made use of it for years. But now since I have fallen in love with skirts I am ready to make it a regular part of my wardrobe. I absolutely hate plaid on flannel, but I like this pattern, and I actually think the whole plaid mini-skirt thing is sexy! This skirt in particular is more preppy, which I love, but I think American Apparel might offer some plaid mini-skirts that are plain hot hot hot!

I love high-waisted mini-skirts because they are so dang flattering. They gather at the inner most part of a woman’s waist AND show off the legs! Meanwhile, a mini-skirt still leaves a lot to the imagination, as long as we’re not talking about the clubby-kind of mini-skirt, because its nothing like the skin tight jeans and leggings us women wear all the time.

I should stop talking about all of the positives of wearing mini-skirts. I think we all get the picture. Perfect with well-fitting plain colored crop tops or a simple blouse tucked in.

For my last outfit, I’ve decided to post a picture of my guilty pleasure….


PINK! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a total color junkie. I’ve been trying to tone it down lately, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job; however, guilty pleasures stay guilty pleasures, regardless of how much you choose to indulge in them. Here is mine! American Apparel beanie and Vince sweater. I had been craving a light pink beanie and I put it off for weeks because I knew it didn’t fit into my “only buy black and white items” goal. I finally gave in, and I’m so happy about it. It feels hard to wear the beanie sometimes because light pink is a weird color to match. So of course, I had to just go for it, and do pink and pink. PERFECT.

Photography by the beautiful Hannah Petterson, and hair/makeup done by my gorgeous roommate Audrey Campbell.


  1. Diana Jacqueline

    your outfits are EVERYTHING,
    and that website has been bookmarked. I steer clear of color but all those mirror prints and geometric pieces, I’m obsessed.

  2. Dell Furano

    Catching on your blog Keeps getting better Love dad

    From: Haley Furano Reply-To: Haley Furano Date: Monday, November 25, 2013 5:43 PM To: Dell Furano Subject: [New post] Haleys Holiday Lookbook

    WordPress.com Haley Furano posted: “It’s officially the holidays. It’s currently 19 degrees in Minneapolis, but I’ll be heading back to LA on Wednesday where it should be about 70 degrees. When it came to this fall semester, my viewpoint resembled something like this: Summer was magnific”

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